Jane Fonda reveals sexual abuse and rape as a youth. Confesses the experience changed how she interacted with the world; age has brought her wisdom.

Wisdom comes with age underscoring the 20/20 hindsight. An emotional event, such as this, tweaks the mind. Even though we all have free choice, know right from wrong, I reckon the privileged in lofty castles, out of touch with the pauper, might be prone to disregard the realities the common man lives, works…..and fights in.

Wisdom comes with age underscoring the 20/20 hindsight. An emotional event, such as this, tweaks the mind. Even though we all have free choice, know right from wrong, I reckon the privileged in lofty castles, out of touch with the pauper, might be prone to disregard the realities the common man lives, works…..and fights in.

Wisdom comes with age underscoring the 20/20 hindsight. An emotional event, such as this, tweaks the mind. Even though we all have free choice, know right from wrong, I reckon the privileged in lofty castles, out of touch with the pauper, might be prone to disregard the realities the common man lives, works…..and fights in.

Having to study her has long provided insight. It’s provided comparisons I’d rather have not considered.

In biographies, she’s called a chameleon, able to change to her setting. In fact, what’s happened to her, perhaps shaped her acting.

On the negative side, she confesses an inability to ‘free think’ and say or do exactly as is requested by someone in charge. When did this change. When was she abused?

I’m wondering if she was just a ‘normal’ privileged girl (absent the love of her father and mother — a whole other discussion) — an attractive, puckish teenager at a dance with a hatpin in her hand, pricking the backs of necks of doting boys she danced with.

The revelation adds more to her explanation. She is not very different, I don’t think, she still showed up at the Keystone Pipeline. Is she making up stories to excuse her past?

I don’t think so. Bragging on a large stage about such abuse is no small matter and as a woman’s advocate, she’d harm her cause otherwise.

The warrior loves to sling beer, talk shit and be braggadocious about what they would or wouldn’t do whilst taking turns to visit the urinal and pee on a target with her face in the middle.

At the end of the day, warriors young and old who have or have not seen, been in or have been directly affected

“the shit” the right thinking man, or woman at the end of the day should consider who they are having served and consider her with pity, because….because that is “themis,” a concept the denizens of Hollywood know little about.

Gonna mess with some shortcode.

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Jane Fonda, Content and Site Choices

Reynolds faces off against the ‘inbreds’ in Deliverence

Let’s get to Jane Fonda first. Went searching around the Internet for plugins to display progress on the (long winded) KJF project, since, Oh, it’s only been a project for well over a decade. After considering her age, I figured I better get my butt in gear — then and I want to start writing about the to talk and complete snowflake meltdown in current events.


The Grammarly plugin has been a Godsend and has sped things along — now, simple proofreading is the only requirement and that can be accomplished by buddy Barry Clark; I think am a week out prior to formatting.

On top of that, this site needs content. Moreover, who reads? Am I talking to myself? Maybe — but when I do sit to write substance, the brain juices really flow. Doing this simply keeps the pot stirring a little.


In the future, this site will become primary blogging site. The domain for my non-pseudonym points to Facebook so there’s that. However, I haven’t figured out of the pseudonym is supposed to be secret or is it cool if it is reserved to ID w/ a different (in this case very different) genre?


A Clown?
Not sure but I think this is a gay clown.

Overall, Geax’s purpose was to write freely, act freely like a clown. Ultimately all content worth a damn needs to transfer over here, especially stuff that’s important.

Web presence is the order of the day, so here we are.

The Rape of Donna Ron

From my writing over at Killing Jane Fonda — Bill Ayers was in the news recently after appearing on Fox’s Megyn Kelly. Incidentally, the Rape of Donna Ron, one of the chapters written for Killing Jane Fonda (KJF), has been in edit for a while. One of the earliest chapters I’ve written, the skills have certainly improved and it has definitely needed readdressing since Iv’e decided to cut into a series to 1) build notoriety 2) make it more manageable 3) devote more attention where needed to character development.

The-Rape-of-Donna-Ron.pdf (0 downloads) By nature, Site Optimization (SEO) eventually draws people to the KJF site, that’s fine–I’m a long way out still. What I DO want to do however, is who the casual browser the effort that goes into such a project. Previously, I scanned and posted for download a sample of one of my chapters–thus far, twelve have downloaded. Relatively easy to read with few marks, this one, The Rape of Donna Ron (based on the true incident between her and Bill Ayers, as well as my interview with her); the RoDR is isn’t going to read well with all the markings–it looks like an octopus sharded its ink an it.

Kind reader, if you’ve come across this and would like a cleaner copy, please ask me and I’ll reply in kind.

Lastly, this chapter is about putting the word out there–she’ll never have his stain removed, but I’d like to hear his explanation. Regardless, I want this truth for the masses–Bill Ayers is scum and I’d owe him a throat punch if I ever saw him.

(CLL SEP 14)

Social Media, Amazon and the Day Job

I have a day job–it pays the bills. The nights are spent reading up on social media navigation and hammering down what the hell a title like “Soul Tool” really falls into in the Kindle book world. With e-publishing, anything’s possible. Any yahoo can write something, slap a cover on it and call it ‘fiction’, and see if it sells. There are some serious 2nd grade Dick and Jane stuff to be found in the weird undberlly of Amazon.com (no pun intended with the mention of Dick). 

I’d like to say, “google up” (doesn’t work) rather “search on Amazon” for title “Moan for Bigfoot” and you’ll find the weirdness I speak of.

There’s a saying. Dug hole, hit bottom kept digging. Keep digging if you dar, you’ll wonder about the sanity of humanity.  

If you’ve ‘liked’ the Bayou Boogaloo page for, EG Lee--great, thank you. I’m not so concerned if it even sells (remember–the day job). However, what’s important are reviews because that’ll place things in motion and I can press on to writing. 

Read the description. Read the Reviews. If you can handle raw, gritty fiction–have a read and since you were kind enough to like my page, I’ll send you a copy free in return for a review on Amazon. If you are a paying member for Kindle Prime (I believe) I think you can download it for free, regardless.

Contact me personally here, or via the blog and I’ll send away.

Cheers! EGL 

Top 20!

Cherry Grove, a short story prequel to Soul Tool now ranked #20 in Mystery, Thriller and Suspense…good news I reckon.

Soul Tool Review 2

Another positive review posted today (per my request–she reviewed from a free copy). Regardless, the important part of this are the takeaway. I was working with a set word count (in order to avoid a plump) explains one item, although I could’ve addressed the points with a few more words. Aside that, the biggest takeaway comes from the point “Show Don’t Tell”, also a book used during a year of creative writing under Barry Hannah (RIP) back at Ole Miss. I’m taking the constructive criticism in this review to heart for the next in the Bayou Boogaloo.


I don’t normally read this genre.

Disclosure: I was asked to provide an honest review in exchange for a free copy from the author.

“Soul Tool” is one of the strangest things I’ve ever read. On the surface, it’s about the size of a man’s tool defining him to a large (or small) part. Peel back a layer, and you find it is an indictment of the indifferent treatment poor and minorities still receive in the south. Look closer, and you find it’s really about friendship, love, and need–and it’s all wrapped up in a smutty outer layer of raunchiness that would make Ron Jeremy blush. It’s raw and visceral, with parts that variously made me laugh out loud, cringe, and grimace. It’s an oddly charming book despite its flaws, which are:

Editorial issues: There are instances of missing words, extra words, and improper punctuation usage. That bothers me as a reader and an author, pulling me out of the story. Overall, the story could use another round of editing.

Character development: While you get a broad sense of who the characters are, it’s because the author tells you rather than shows you in many instances. A lot of their traits and characteristics are gleaned more from their manhood and how they use it rather than their other actions. Considering the theme of the book, I’m going to assume that was deliberate on the author’s part. I got a better sense of Ty’s character than Will’s via Ty’s actions. Will is kind of a bland/background character until the latter part of the story. Even then, I didn’t get a strong sense of who he was.

Narrative: Sometimes, “Soul Tool” has a strong, engaging narrative that keeps you reading eagerly, and then the author switches to “tell” as a device to show time passing. It works, but showing some of the things we’re told would be more effective and a better way to connect with the characters and their plight.

Implausible: Duh, of course this is implausible. It’s about a penile transplant conducted by a mad scientist. Well, partially about that. Beyond that, some of the circumstances are hard to believe. I found it particularly difficult to believe Ty so easily accepted his fate. Time had passed, but there’s no mention of how he processes it. Most people would be pissed off and raging about being falsely accused and set up for execution. Ty probably was too, but Mr. Lee doesn’t tell or show us that outrage. There wasn’t really a lot of outrage on anyone’s part, though they did plot revenge. (And the revenge made me giggle with dark glee, though I think Sheriff deserved more than that.)

Overall, this was somewhere between a 3 and 4-star read for me. I think because the story itself vacillates so wildly between smooth and rough that I couldn’t decide. If Amazon offered half-star ratings, I’d choose a 3.5 and split the difference. I’d cautiously recommend this to people who aren’t easily offended, have a twisted sense of humor, and an appreciation for quirky stories with some strange twists.

Continue reading “Soul Tool Review 2”

Soul Tool Review

One of the best compliments a writer can receive–I think thee are the type of words that equate to the first dollar one puts on the wall of their business. If you ever arrive her (at this blog), I truly appreciate the kind words, and its motivational to keep on writing.

Cheers, EGL / CLL

It’s difficult to adequately describe “Soul Tool.” On one hand, the book has classic elements of suspense and horror. On the other, it’s the kind of Southern Gothic Tennessee Williams might have written for Roger Corman at American International Pictures. Wait, here’s a better description: It’s like a “Tales From the Crypt” episode if the series had an NC-17 rating. There you go.

In “Soul Tool,” EG Lee tells the strange tale of the unlikely friendship between Ty, a black stud whose physical gifts are admired by all, and Will, the wimp who just doesn’t measure up. Through various hot, hot, hot and explicit developments, Ty is sent to prison and sentenced to die in the electric chair. However, it turns out that a descendant of Serge Voronoff — the doctor who grafted monkey testicles into humans in the 1920s — is conducting weird medical experiments at the prison and gives Will a very special organ transplant.

From then on, “Soul Tool” tears off full blast with a shocking and entertaining twist worthy of “The Thing With Two Heads” and “The Incredible 2-Headed Transplant” with a finger or two thrown in from “The Hands of Orlac.”

With “Soul Tool,” EG Lee defies the odds and whips out a winner. I can’t wait for the next book in this series.

Description Redone-Again

Maybe I’m having a conversation with myself–maybe not.

After reading participating in a forum on the KDP community (whilst learning about all this e-publishing jazz) it was suggested the book blurb be  written in a particular format. I have to agree with the advice and subsequently produced this:

Despite differences, Ty and Will become unlikely friends when Ty rescues Will from bullies in a locker room teasing him about his lack of inches. Unusually well endowed, Ty jokingly offers donating Will his organ if he dies first, a jest neither dreams would come true–that is–until years later when a corrupt sheriff catches Ty entertaining his neglected wife with an infamous manhood. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Ty is sent to Angola’s death row for a date with Gruesome Gertie, the Louisiana State Pen electric chair. On The Mile, however, there’s something waiting almost as bad as Gertie’s electric embrace, particularly a black market organ-smuggling ring led by an insane doctor with a bizarre theory. Ty and Will become the doctor’s next guinea pigs for an experiment, providing Will, at the end of the day, with a little lagniappe, the little something extra—the something he’d use for revenge on those responsible for his friend’s execution; a little something called the: Soul Tool.


Additionally, I’m using Author Marketing Club for other steering–the site includes an HTML generator that gives you a more eye-catching layout then formats the text into HTML. If one knows HTML, you can do some of your self styling. Pretty cool I must say.

AMC Formatted Styling

(AUG 14)

Long Description Re-Did-Did

So I wrote 16k/50 something pages of a novelette under the assumption I wrote some pure smut and’d have to throw it in that genre on Kindle (I’m studying social media marketing, WordPress platform, SEO et al) and as I’ve said, this is all really practice for and benefits Killing Jane Fonda (KJF).

Hell, its FUN writing.


Worried I’d erroneously places this bit in the seedier section of Kindle, I visited the community forum and asked the question–got some good answers too (one critique) and decided, I need a re-attack on the long description to 1) build mystique by removing some detail and 2) tailor it so it doesn’t sound as raunchy (not that it is–thanks Tammy, whoever you are, you’ll read Bigfoot porn but nothing about a guy that gets a little Langniappe where he needed it most).

At any rate, I rewrote the long blurb and who knows how long it’ll take to adjust on Amazon. Hell, I wonder how long it’ll take for me to sell anything. So much for bayou insight for the masses of the un-informed. Interested souls landing here, kindly sign up or send a message with any comments or suggestions. (EGL AUG 2014)

A Long Description Re-Did-Did

An embarrassed Will Boudreaux hated changing clothes in locker rooms.

Avery Island Gator

Ty Jones, a black kid from the other side of town, avoided trouble like the plague, had a soft spot for defending the weak and sported a member ten times the size of the others his age.

The two became unlikely friends when Ty rescued Will from vicious local bullies calling his shame into focus in the locker room of New Iberia’s City Park pool.

Jokingly, Ty told his friend one day he’d be ‘his organ donor’ if he passed away before his ‘white’ podnah—something they’d never imagine until years later when Ty got caught loving up the Sherriff’s neglected wife with his infamous manhood. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Ty was sent to death row in Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary for a date with Gruesome Gertie, the electric chair.

Then Ty met the doctor.

Discredited scientist Serge Voronoff’s great grandson Marcus, Angola’s mad doctor was rumored to be harvesting convict’s organs for a racket. Needing to prove a theory, he found guinea pigs in Ty and Will.

Ultimately, a little bit of Ty lived on in Will. Will wound up with some ‘lagniappe’, a little something extra, a little something extra to be proud of, something Will’d be using for revenge on those responsible for his friend’s execution, a little something called—The Soul Tool