Jane Fonda, Content and Site Choices

Reynolds faces off against the ‘inbreds’ in Deliverence

Let’s get to Jane Fonda first. Went searching around the Internet for plugins to display progress on the (long winded) KJF project, since, Oh, it’s only been a project for well over a decade. After considering her age, I figured I better get my butt in gear — then and I want to start writing about the to talk and complete snowflake meltdown in current events.


The Grammarly plugin has been a Godsend and has sped things along — now, simple proofreading is the only requirement and that can be accomplished by buddy Barry Clark; I think am a week out prior to formatting.

On top of that, this site needs content. Moreover, who reads? Am I talking to myself? Maybe — but when I do sit to write substance, the brain juices really flow. Doing this simply keeps the pot stirring a little.


In the future, this site will become primary blogging site. The domain for my non-pseudonym points to Facebook so there’s that. However, I haven’t figured out of the pseudonym is supposed to be secret or is it cool if it is reserved to ID w/ a different (in this case very different) genre?


A Clown?
Not sure but I think this is a gay clown.

Overall, Geax’s purpose was to write freely, act freely like a clown. Ultimately all content worth a damn needs to transfer over here, especially stuff that’s important.

Web presence is the order of the day, so here we are.