Forgot Cherry Grove at Bayou Boogaloo

Long before I got into this Bayou Boogaloo thing, I think it was my sophomore year at Ole Miss, during my English comp class we read The Handmaiden’s Tale–a creepy story that I’m sure (without analysis) was some form of liberal arma-the-sky-is-falling anti-Christian-anti-Republican-geddon bit of fiction (I wasn’t enlightened yet), and we were tasked with writing an alternate ending so I went with it. Got an A from the teacher solidifying the premise that I could actually write. Having spent so much time in English courses, I slipped into a full year of Creative Fiction with then Writer in Residence, Mississippi writer, Barry Hannah (I’ve just learned Mr. Hannah died at his home in Oxford in March 2010)–crap.

Ok, not only did he teach me, he exposed the class to countless others. God bless him, Willie Morris and Larry Brown. Why is it the 60’s seems to be a killer decade for Mississippi writers?

He liked my short Cherry Grove, got an A and it’s been reworked, modernized for Bayou Boogaloo, a prequel mostly free to anyone willing to download or chuck .99 away for the Kindle. Cherry Grove gives the reader background into Sheriff J. Lagneaux Burke and the evil he was up to as a young sailor–before he’s further developed as a character in Bayou Boogaloo.

Links to Cherry Grove are on the “Books” menu page or direct searched at Amazon and Smashwords. I’m going to attempt to upload it in PDF format here–given I’m still testing this site’s functionality.


Cherry_Grove.pdf (134 downloads)