Description Redone-Again

Maybe I’m having a conversation with myself–maybe not.

After reading participating in a forum on the KDP community (whilst learning about all this e-publishing jazz) it was suggested the book blurb be  written in a particular format. I have to agree with the advice and subsequently produced this:

Despite differences, Ty and Will become unlikely friends when Ty rescues Will from bullies in a locker room teasing him about his lack of inches. Unusually well endowed, Ty jokingly offers donating Will his organ if he dies first, a jest neither dreams would come true–that is–until years later when a corrupt sheriff catches Ty entertaining his neglected wife with an infamous manhood. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Ty is sent to Angola’s death row for a date with Gruesome Gertie, the Louisiana State Pen electric chair. On The Mile, however, there’s something waiting almost as bad as Gertie’s electric embrace, particularly a black market organ-smuggling ring led by an insane doctor with a bizarre theory. Ty and Will become the doctor’s next guinea pigs for an experiment, providing Will, at the end of the day, with a little lagniappe, the little something extra—the something he’d use for revenge on those responsible for his friend’s execution; a little something called the: Soul Tool.


Additionally, I’m using Author Marketing Club for other steering–the site includes an HTML generator that gives you a more eye-catching layout then formats the text into HTML. If one knows HTML, you can do some of your self styling. Pretty cool I must say.

AMC Formatted Styling

(AUG 14)