Long Description Re-Did-Did

So I wrote 16k/50 something pages of a novelette under the assumption I wrote some pure smut and’d have to throw it in that genre on Kindle (I’m studying social media marketing, WordPress platform, SEO et al) and as I’ve said, this is all really practice for and benefits Killing Jane Fonda (KJF).

Hell, its FUN writing.


Worried I’d erroneously places this bit in the seedier section of Kindle, I visited the community forum and asked the question–got some good answers too (one critique) and decided, I need a re-attack on the long description to 1) build mystique by removing some detail and 2) tailor it so it doesn’t sound as raunchy (not that it is–thanks Tammy, whoever you are, you’ll read Bigfoot porn but nothing about a guy that gets a little Langniappe where he needed it most).

At any rate, I rewrote the long blurb and who knows how long it’ll take to adjust on Amazon. Hell, I wonder how long it’ll take for me to sell anything. So much for bayou insight for the masses of the un-informed. Interested souls landing here, kindly sign up or send a message with any comments or suggestions. (EGL AUG 2014)

A Long Description Re-Did-Did

An embarrassed Will Boudreaux hated changing clothes in locker rooms.

Avery Island Gator

Ty Jones, a black kid from the other side of town, avoided trouble like the plague, had a soft spot for defending the weak and sported a member ten times the size of the others his age.

The two became unlikely friends when Ty rescued Will from vicious local bullies calling his shame into focus in the locker room of New Iberia’s City Park pool.

Jokingly, Ty told his friend one day he’d be ‘his organ donor’ if he passed away before his ‘white’ podnah—something they’d never imagine until years later when Ty got caught loving up the Sherriff’s neglected wife with his infamous manhood. Framed for a murder he didn’t commit, Ty was sent to death row in Louisiana’s Angola State Penitentiary for a date with Gruesome Gertie, the electric chair.

Then Ty met the doctor.

Discredited scientist Serge Voronoff’s great grandson Marcus, Angola’s mad doctor was rumored to be harvesting convict’s organs for a racket. Needing to prove a theory, he found guinea pigs in Ty and Will.

Ultimately, a little bit of Ty lived on in Will. Will wound up with some ‘lagniappe’, a little something extra, a little something extra to be proud of, something Will’d be using for revenge on those responsible for his friend’s execution, a little something called—The Soul Tool