Social Media, Amazon and the Day Job

I have a day job–it pays the bills. The nights are spent reading up on social media navigation and hammering down what the hell a title like “Soul Tool” really falls into in the Kindle book world. With e-publishing, anything’s possible. Any yahoo can write something, slap a cover on it and call it ‘fiction’, and see if it sells. There are some serious 2nd grade Dick and Jane stuff to be found in the weird undberlly of (no pun intended with the mention of Dick). 

I’d like to say, “google up” (doesn’t work) rather “search on Amazon” for title “Moan for Bigfoot” and you’ll find the weirdness I speak of.

There’s a saying. Dug hole, hit bottom kept digging. Keep digging if you dar, you’ll wonder about the sanity of humanity.  

If you’ve ‘liked’ the Bayou Boogaloo page for, EG Lee--great, thank you. I’m not so concerned if it even sells (remember–the day job). However, what’s important are reviews because that’ll place things in motion and I can press on to writing. 

Read the description. Read the Reviews. If you can handle raw, gritty fiction–have a read and since you were kind enough to like my page, I’ll send you a copy free in return for a review on Amazon. If you are a paying member for Kindle Prime (I believe) I think you can download it for free, regardless.

Contact me personally here, or via the blog and I’ll send away.

Cheers! EGL