Soul Tool Description Redone

Short Description

Will Boudreaux hated changing in public because he’d been cursed with manhood the size of a stud field mouse. He and Ty, a black kid from the other side of town form a friendship when Ty comes to his defense in a locker room. When Ty is executed for a crime he didn’t commit, Will becomes the beneficiary of his organ–and seeks revenge with his impressive new Soul Tool.


Will Boudreaux hated changing clothes in locker rooms because he’d been cursed with a penis the size of a stud field mouse.


Ty Jones, a black kid from the other side of town, avoided trouble like the plague, had a soft spot for defending the weak, a hard-on for righting wrongs and sported a tool ten times the size of the average kid his age.

The two became unlikely friends when vicious local bullies called the shame Will sported sharply into focus in the locker room of New Iberia’s City Park pool.


Ty half joking told his friend he’d donate it to him if he passed away before his white podnah—a promise they’d never think to carry out until Ty got caught loving up the Sherriff’s neglected wife with his infamous Soul Tool, framed for a murder he didn’t commit and sent to the Louisiana electric chair.
Infamous mad scientist Serge Voronoff’s great grandson Marcus, Angola’s mad doctor rumored to be harvesting organs for the rich, needed to prove his theory of penis transplants and found his guinea pigs in Ty and Will.

When it happened, it wasn’t just the organ made the trip—a little bit of Ty went with it to Will, as he sported his new Soul Tool and set out to get revenge on those that’d done them wrong.


Soul Tool’s 16,000+ words is the first in a series in an exciting and mysterious region in South Louisiana where anything is possible in the Bayou Boogaloo.