The Rape of Donna Ron

From my writing over at Killing Jane Fonda — Bill Ayers was in the news recently after appearing on Fox’s Megyn Kelly. Incidentally, the Rape of Donna Ron, one of the chapters written for Killing Jane Fonda (KJF), has been in edit for a while. One of the earliest chapters I’ve written, the skills have certainly improved and it has definitely needed readdressing since Iv’e decided to cut into a series to 1) build notoriety 2) make it more manageable 3) devote more attention where needed to character development.

The-Rape-of-Donna-Ron.pdf (0 downloads) By nature, Site Optimization (SEO) eventually draws people to the KJF site, that’s fine–I’m a long way out still. What I DO want to do however, is who the casual browser the effort that goes into such a project. Previously, I scanned and posted for download a sample of one of my chapters–thus far, twelve have downloaded. Relatively easy to read with few marks, this one, The Rape of Donna Ron (based on the true incident between her and Bill Ayers, as well as my interview with her); the RoDR is isn’t going to read well with all the markings–it looks like an octopus sharded its ink an it.

Kind reader, if you’ve come across this and would like a cleaner copy, please ask me and I’ll reply in kind.

Lastly, this chapter is about putting the word out there–she’ll never have his stain removed, but I’d like to hear his explanation. Regardless, I want this truth for the masses–Bill Ayers is scum and I’d owe him a throat punch if I ever saw him.

(CLL SEP 14)