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CL is just a guy trying to find his way in the military after-life. His biggest mistake before joining to pursue the one thing he always wanted to do was, “what to do when you’ve outgrown that one thing and is no longer there for the identity?” Well, the identity, is in part this attempt? This website a the central hub connecting to some social, some blogs, some business endeavors and a prompt to keep my ass in gear and write.


A Fondness for Writing

Somehow, as genes go, I wound up with more creative ability, than the creative ability to do arithmetic with any significant skill. Some people are made such, better with the creative than the math. I don’t know which is best – but I do know I have been writing since my fingers could hold a pen. I’d be a whiz at art, with practice and I’ve written poetry…but for now, it is creative fiction.


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